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The team at Wolf Exteriors brings industry-leading materials and unmatched craftsmanship to the BC Interior. Serving the Okanagan, Thompson-Nicola, Columbia-Shuswap and Fraser Valley, we will come to you, no matter how remote your project is, and personally ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

As experts in metal architectural systems, we bring your custom project to life. Not only do we take care of installation, but we can also advise and help you realize your design. Create a building with new possibilities by discovering the benefits of building with metal.


Build with a material that doesn’t leak, is non-flammable and doesn’t decay. Lighten the load for property managers and increase the value of the property with a metal exterior that does not need to be maintained.

With aluminum, get a material that has up to a 50-year warranty and with aluminum composite, get a material that’s more rigid than steel - yet lightweight.


For a modern or timeless look, metal is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. With advances in technology, it can replicate the appearance of other materials down to the textures.

Whether you need a material that appears virtually indistinguishable from wood but meets non-combustibility requirements or a material with the appearance of marble but is lightweight, imagine the design possibilities with metal.

Environmentally friendly

Build for the future by using an environmentally-friendly material that’s highly recyclable, and obtain green building certifications in the process. Whether you want to create a building with no thermal loss or need a roof that doesn’t leak with solar panels attached, a metal exterior pushes green forward.

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